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Silver Oak

Kailasapara is a hamlet in Vandanmedu set in the picturesque upper reaches of the Western Ghat mountains. The mountains here slope down into picturesque valleys where numerous rivulets wind through vast stretches of thick forests and plantations. Set on a hillock amidst tea bushes, Chalet Jacaranda is an exquisitely designed and furnished home. Surrounded by an enormous plantation of cardamom, pepper, tea and coffee, the setting is serene and secluded with the persistent chatter of cicadas, the conversations of birds and throughout the day a gentle breeze for company. At the break of dawn, armadas of translucent Dragonflies rise from the tea bushes surfing the warm currents of air touched by the rising sum. A Malabar Thrush somewhere high up in the tangled forest whistles an audacious melody heralding the birth of a new day. The Chalet Jacaranda melds into the landscape – two floors, cheerful white façade, verandahs and sloping grey roofs, a combination of country cottage and urban chic. Inside the décor is contemporary, composed of wood finish veneers on the floors, chrome, ceramic and glass- opulent not ostentatious. Enter past a patio, into the living and dining spaces on either end of a spacious room. Sumptuous sofas wrapped in soft off white fabric set against the walls, heavy luminous drapes cover the ceiling to floor bay windows that line the entire length of one wall providing pretty views of the lake and the plantation. Elegant lamps, both on the walls, in niches and discreet corners fill the room with a comforting, languid light in the evenings. The dining area seats six, next to the state of the art kitchen. A stairway leads to a pair of bedrooms on the floor above. The theme in décor is repeated in the bedrooms as well. Muted colors, soft fabrics, elegant drapes, wood veneer on the floors, bay windows looking out at the landscape and twin beds. The bathrooms have plate glass topped roofs filling them with a soft, glowing light through the day and all equipped with exquisite ceramic fittings and glass wrapped shower cubicles. Upstairs, the sliding bay windows in the bedrooms provide picturesque views of the surrounding plantation and the lake below


A resident chef and valet are at hand to cater to the requirements of guests. The Syrian Christians of Kerala have a very distinctive cuisine using spices grown in the region, meats and vegetables all cooked in recipes that are have been handed down through many generations. The resident chef is an expert in Syrian Christian cuisine who can cook recipes from other regions of Kerala and a limited repertoire of dishes from other parts of India. The chalet contains a kitchen with the best in amenities. Guests may opt to cook themselves On prior intimation the staff will stock the pantry with specific food and beverages that guests request. The valet is at hand to assist with the washing and laundry.


Kailasapara is a hamlet set in the stunningly beautiful upper reaches of the Western Ghat mountain range in the Vandanmedu area. Numerous rivers snake through picturesque valleys past vast stretches of thick forests and plantations. Rugged mountains and dense forests cover a major portion of the countryside in and around Vandanmedu making this area ideal for viewing wildlife, trekking and a spot of fishing.