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Plantation walk

plantatiowalk Guests are taken on walks through the plantation growing cardamom, pepper and coffee. Cardamom grows in diffused sunlight under the dense cover of evergreen trees that form a canopy over the plantation. Guest will have the opportunity to view at close quarters the planting and plucking of the crop. The path will take guests past cardamom bushes and pepper vines, the air rich with the scents of clove and cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, past trees abundant in season with mango and banana, and further on branches bearing oranges, mangostene, jackfruit, rambuttan, butterfruit, papaya and rose apple. Guest will have the opportunity to view at close quarters the planting and plucking of the crop. The walk is also an opportunity spot a fascinating range of butterflies. A naturalist will accompany the tour introducing guests to botanical terms for the flora and fauna endemic to the area. Guests will also be taken on a tour of the factory where they will get to view how cardamom is processed and packed

Bird watching

walk The profusion of fruit trees, bushes and water bodies has provided dwelling for a fascinating variety of endemic and migratory birds.(delete) An ornithologist with an intimate understanding of the behavior patterns of the birds and the best times for spotting accompanies every tour. The large broad leaved forest cover, patches of deciduous and moist deciduous habitat, meadows and grassland, unpolluted water bodies, and the salubrious climate make bird watching here very special.


fishing A large pond stocked with fish affords guests the opportunity to indulge in a spot of fishing. When the sun is out, sit beside pond soaking in the warmth of the day. For company, the sweet serenade of the birds in the trees, the whisper of a breeze, fluttering butterflies and plenty of fishing waiting to be caught. The chef in the restaurant will cook the days catch.


boating Ringed by mountains, a small lake beside a rivulet, formed behind a check dam near the entrance to the plantation is a serene and scenic spot. Peddle boats are provided here for guests. An ideal way to take in the scenic surroundings at leisure.


trekking Numerous trails in the area offer interesting trekking possibilities and a variety of challenges. Bird watchers will also find a fascinating range endemic and migratory species in the area.

Cardamom processing unit

Cardamom factory visit A tour of the cardamom processing factory located next to the planter’s bungalow is a fascinating experience. Guests will get to witness at close quarters how cardamom is cleaned, processed and packed. One can also sample some of the finest quality cardamom pods and perhaps take samples back home.